Serving the people of Tanzania


Serving the people of Dodoma Rural District

Mvumi Hospital is a rural hospital in the heart of Tanzania serving a catchment area of over 400,000 people. Most of the patients are from families of  subsistence farmers with little or no health care in their local communities. Mvimi hospital was originally established by Missionaries but has recently become a Council Designated Hospital and therefore salaries and basic medicines are paid for by the Government. There is however still a need to fund capital projects such as buildings  and new equipment which are not funded by Government grant. The Society of Friends of Mvumi has for many years collected funds to help support such projects at Mvumi and have provided a considerable amount of infrastructure including X-ray equipment, laundry facilities, a maternity waiting hostel new vehicles and much more.

The mission of Mvumi Hospital is to glorify God by contributing to the well-being of people mentally, physically and spiritually. The maxim of the hospital is taken from 2 Corinthians 5:14 " The love of Christ compels us." The goal of the hospital is "to be a Tanzanian-led, Christian health-care facility that offers comprehensive, high quality health-care at a good price for all the people of the Diocese".  .

If you wish to obtain further information about Mvumi Hospital or would like to support the work of the Friends of Mvumi please contact the Secretary: